Look No Further. Luna Flooring Can Help You Love Your Floors Again

Do you ever look at your floor and think, “Where did this room go wrong?” Chances are, it didn’t really go wrong. It just became worn over time and/or went out of date, which means you’re ready for an update. Luna flooring can help you fix that problem.

No amount of trendy décor will save a “vintage” vinyl floor from 1986. If you’ve ended up on Luna’s new blog looking for inspiration – you came to the right place for new flooring styles. Let’s look at the latest styles and get you started back on the path of flooring righteousness!


Carpet is back in full force. With new technology and better materials available, choosing the soft casual look of Frieze twists or a formal patterned Loop has never been a better choice for the homeowner seeking a lighter step. It’s astonishing how many color options we have for a multitude of unique styles (both classic and modern). Pet-friendly carpeting, stain resistance, and easy cleanup make Luna carpet a wise investment in any living room or bedroom if you’re looking for ultimate comfort.


Hardwood doesn’t really go out of style, does it? And why would it, when many consider hardwood a lifetime product (especially if you take great care of it). A rebounding house market and uptick in renovations makes hardwood especially desirable. Popular hardwood products offered by Luna include traditional oak styles as well as modern birch, maple, cherry, and walnut. For a truly unique look, customers choose Brazilian cherry. Wider plank sizes than the typical 2” also are on trend. If you’re ready for genuine hardwood in your home, look no further than Luna’s wide selection.


You can forget about the laminate offerings in the past – today’s laminate is nearly indistinguishable from genuine hardwood, making it a beautiful and durable alternative to hardwood that will fit in most homeowners’ budgets. Nothing’s preventing you from spilling something on the floor. Laminate offered by Luna is built to withstand daily wear and tear. If you’re prone to updating you floor every few years, laminate’s click and locking technology eliminates unsightly gaps, allows for easy assembly/disassembly, and requires no waiting. Once installed, you can immediately walk all over it. It’s durable without sacrificing a bold, wooden look that Luna customers love.

Luxury Vinyl

We may have started this blog with a knock on vinyl – but wait until you see the latest in luxury vinyl sold by Luna. Replicating the look and feel of natural stone, tile, and hardwood, luxury vinyl floors are durable and wear-resistant no matter where you have them installed. Luxury vinyl is especially ideal in a kitchen, bathroom, or basement – it has more water resistant qualities than hardwood or laminate. It looks great is comfortable underfoot, and stays cool on warm days and warm on cool days. What more could you want?

No matter what you’re picturing as a replacement to that outdated floor in your home, Luna offers a wide variety of products that will make you want to show off your new floors to everyone in the neighborhood.

The best way to decide on carpet vs. hardwood vs. laminate vs. luxury vinyl is seeing it in the comfort of your home. Reserve an in-home appointment with Luna today and love your floors again.

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