Thinking Ahead? 2017 Flooring Trends are Here

So you’re a few weeks in to 2017. If you swore to yourself that you would start shopping for new floors this year, don’t give up!

Flooring is an investment for any home. Whether you plan to stay put for the next twenty years, or are contemplating a move and need new floors before you sell your home, here are some of the 2017 flooring trends worth considering:


Fewer Shades of Grey

Neutral, grayed out wood flooring has been a very trendy style for the last few years. But trends in flooring come and go like any other. Homeowners that are wary of fading trends are opting for more traditional hardwood and laminate colors, such as white oak or dark browns to stay “current” for years to come.


Luxury and Vinyl are One

Luxury vinyl is not the peel and stick solution of yesteryear. Our customers love a wooden appearance, but wood isn’t practical in every room (especially where there is more moisture – kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms come to mind). Porcelain tile in the colder climates is not a huge seller, either. Luxury vinyl remains smooth and warm underfoot, comes in a variety of looks, and works great in nearly any application. This makes luxury vinyl an invaluable choice.


Fun Carpet Patterns

Frieze or a thick nylon plush are generally the default option for soft carpet. The latest technology produces carpets in nearly any style with incredibly soft fibers. Cut and loop patterned carpets provide a bold look and make for truly vibrant interiors, and provide an upscale look. Do not feel limited to a certain style of carpet if softness is the X factor. Give all carpet styles a try; you might be pleasantly surprised.

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